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Greetings gamers. Beverage mixer – make delicious cocktails! Drink Mixer is a fun puzzle game in which you can put together fruity-sparkling drinks.

An entire bar full of ingredients is at your disposal. Mix the best juices with fine drops and refine with lemons and ice cubes. The experienced bartender will implement all your ideas, taste the finished drink and show through his reactions exactly what he thinks about it. Strategy To Win Game for free

Collect a lot of points for your score and also listen to the tips that will help you after each clue on how to improve. Can you mix heavenly good drinks or do your creations rather remind of glowing hellfire? Does the barman spit fire or does he turn his eyes ecstatically? Find the right amount and determine the best shaking time to become a true drink mixer champion! Strategy To Win Game for kids

This is how you play The Right Mix

You control your barman and his work with the mouse.

Choose an ingredient and click on “Pour” to fill it in the blender.

By keeping hold of the mouse, you pour.

With a click on “Shake” you will mix your drink afterwards.

Click on “Serve” to taste your creation.

Now it gets really exciting! Is your mix good? Or did you mix too many spicy indigos? In that case, you should have a fire extinguisher ready!

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