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Greetings gamers. Kicking Heads – a terrific football game for 2 players-1 PC! Kicking Heads is one of our most popular football games and can be played in 2-player PC mode or against the computer.

Of course, the coolest thing is when you sit at a PC for two and play together on a keyboard. Kick the ball in different arenas with your feet or head into the opponent’s goal. You have a time limit of 2 minutes in which you can play as many rounds as you can in Kicking Heads. Strategy To Win Game

The funny football dolls with big heads contest tournaments all over the world. For even more fun, there are various helpful power-ups in the field at regular intervals, the powers of which offer you undreamt-of possibilities. Ever wanted to shrink your opponent or enlarge the gate? Everything is possible in Kickende Köpfe! Strategy To Win Game

This is how you play Sports Heads Soccer

Kicks heads with the keys – each player has its own keyboard shortcuts:

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your player back and forth.

You can jump with the up arrow or the W key.

With the space bar (with WASD) or the P key (with arrow control) you shoot the ball towards the goal.

During each round of play, different power-ups appear over the field. If you hit them with the football (or your opponent succeeds) the match will be influenced in different ways.

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