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There are power-ups in three different colors: red, green and yellow. Often they help you, but some are dangerous too.

Green power-ups usually increase or increase a bit and are especially useful for you:

the green flash: a speed booster that increases your speed.

the green spring: increases your bounce

the green block of ice: freezes the opponent and reduces his ability to move.

the big green gate: makes a gate grow.

the green arrow up: lets you grow.

the green cast leg: breaks your legs. Strategy To Win Game easily

Tips and tricks – use cool power-ups for the football heads

Red power-ups usually reduce something and hurt your opponent:

the red flash: reduces the speed

the red block of ice: freezes you.

the little gate: a gate shrinks.

the arrow down: shrinks you.

the red cast leg: breaks your opponent’s legs.

Yellow power-ups affect the ball or the court:

the bomb: do what bombs always do: explode!

the matte ball: is poorly visible

the big ball

the little ball

the bouncing ball

the field-streaker Strategy To Win Game

Do not miss this football classic with the Football Heads and conquer the lawn together in this free multiplayer. The fans from the south curve are waiting for you!

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