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Greetings gamers. Strategy To Win Game and more here now. Super Buggy – jet in the SUV to the finish! Super Buggy is an exciting racing game in which you dive with a chic buggy through a daring parkour. Buggies are small open vehicles that are particularly suitable for off-road use. In these cars, you are fully exposed to the elements and can feel the wind in your hair. Strategy To Win Game for free

Keep the balance and diligently collect stars. Drive through savannas, deserts and a frosty snowy landscape. It’s so cold here that you can swap your buggy for a giant tire that you’ll keep playing with. The tire will roll you safely through ice and snow until you return to warmer climes. Many varied levels are waiting for you! Strategy To Win Game and other game tips

This is how you play Super Buggy

The steering of this distance-record game is easy to learn:

Forward, back and to the sides you steer with the arrow keys.

You can jump with the space bar.

If you get very fast, you may be spinning in the air.

Careful: if you end up with a flip on the roof, your car is really scrap and you have to start the level again.

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