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Welcome again dear game lovers. Comic Island – build your own civilization! Comic Island is a cool puzzle game where you can create your own world. Find the right solutions and design the island world by clicking on the objects in the right order. Clicked objects grow with each click and influence each other.

In Komische Insel there are several solutions. Build a standard island with cars and factories or click to the alien version. Which way do you like best? Write us in the comments! From pickaxe to computer chips – click on useful tools. Strategy To Win Game always

To build a beautiful island and get your little world running, the following useful items are at your disposal:



computer chip

chemistry flask





You see, it can be used to beef up a wild island. Soon there will be trains, cars will make their rounds and ships will open to neighboring archipelagos. Get your production going and maybe fly with a rocket to the moon! Strategy To Win Game for free

Tips and tricks: this is how you build a super island

Building a whole new civilization is sometimes not so easy. The following tips will help you in Komische Insel but to success:

If you get stuck, you can translate the following numbers to the position of the items: 6-7-2-8-4-3-5-1

Solution for the UFO version: 5-3-6-2-1-8-4-7

Attention: two items do not reach the click maximum.

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